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Fortinet FortiGate Firewall Captive Portal Guide
Fortinet FortiGate Firewall Captive Portal Guide

Follow the steps below to manage visitor authentication on Fortinet FortiGate using Obifi Hotspot.

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RADIUS Configuration

Go to User & Device > Authentication > RADIUS Server > Create New section in the Fortigate management panel.

  • Enter a name for the Radius server.

  • In the Primary Server IP/Name field, enter

  • In the Primary Server Secret field, enter YeT2dXVs6D

  • Click OK to save the information

  • Go to User & Device > User > User Groups > Create New section

  • Give a name to the group and select the Radius Server you added as Remote Server

Policy Settings

Go to Policy & Objects > Objects > Addresses > Create New section.

  • Select FQDN as the Type

  • Enter * as the FQDN value.

  • Repeat the same step to save the * address as well.

Interface Settings

Go to the Interface settings where you want to activate Captive Portal

  • Choose Captive Portal as the Security Mode

  • Select External as the Authentication Portal

  • In the URL field, enter

  • Choose the User Groups you created

  • Add the * and * entries to the Exempt Destinations/Services list

You have successfully completed the setup and can now test it.

Feel free to contact us for support with your setup.

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