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Keenetic Captive Portal Configuration
Keenetic Captive Portal Configuration

A captive portal service is a system that provides user authentication and authorization for public or guest Wi-Fi networks.

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To use a captive portal, first, you need to install the right system component.

After the component installed, The Captive portal service will be available on the 'Guest network' page in the 'Captive portal' section.

First, we need to enable 'Captive portal' on the 'Guest network' page and choose the 'ObiFi' profile in the 'Profile' field.

When you connect to the guest Wi-Fi, the captive portal automatically appears, and you may encounter an error message that says 'Your device is not registered.'

Take note of the MAC address displayed on that screen and go to the Obifi panel to register it as the MAC address you copied.

When you have completed the guide, you're ready to use Obifi.

If you need any help, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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